Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Young Lady's Club Pt.2

Manaini, showcasing her wonderful selection of colors for her bracelet.

Senaca, off to a great start, she was determined and dominated the art with excellence. Actually, they all did. It took some time to start our bracelets. Not all of them are braided correctly but they were all made with smiles and main intention. Good job ladies.

The Young Lady's Group Pt. 1

The girls in the village now have a club. The club is oriented to discuss self-esteem, empowerment and determination through the medium of books, music, and art. The basics are to generate a form of expression and self-reflection. So far the group meetings are a success. They bring a cup, we drink tea, we discuss lyrics, books, movies and just recently we started making bracelets.

Fire Safety Pt. 2

The kids enjoyed the flashy red truck. The brave kids were able to get within inches of 'Smokey' the Fire Safety Parrot. The others timidly admired him at a distance (don't worry kids I'd be afraid of an adult sized parrot too).

Fire Safety...Stop, Drop and Roll

Labasa and Savusavu Fire Department came to the village to do a Fire Safety Presentation. The team made an awesome demonstration with a "smokehouse". The information is quite vital considering all the kitchens are installed with an indoor hearth.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Headed to Church...

So this is the traditional outfit, sulu chaba.

My outfit was a gift from the village seamstress. No measurements, no fittings, she just estimated a perfect fit.

Liquid Life

So this is our future source of income. I am amazed by the clarity . Now it's time to bottle and make a jingle in the marama's pockets.

Great JOB!

A group shot with our bars of soap, nice job ladies and gentlemen.